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The WhatsApp Universe

The experience of the last few years, and an extensive analysis of the message traffic in my groups has helped me to flesh out some stereotypes that inhabit the WhatsApp universe in India.

A Requiem for Television News ?

Coloured news, as in political slant, is now a part and parcel of the medium. While some TV channels do it discreetly, others openly flaunt their political leanings. The moment a bias creeps in, objective news coverage goes for a six. Ideological slant of channels will remain, but the way it translates into news coverage is amateurish.

Lockdown Diaries – 2 – A Season of Absurdities

More than two months ago, when I posted my first few observations and hopes on the CoVid19 pandemic, much less was known about the extent of global spread and disruption this unknown disease would cause. As of now, India is in fifth lockdown period, but the pandemic continues to spread rapidly in India. ┬áThe CoVid19…

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